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Designer sportlight - Challenge

I am thrilled to announce that ValC's Designer spotlight is OPEN!

I have been preparing stuff backstage for you, for a couple of weeks now... he he he. But let me go straight to what matters here

Your challenge for the designer spotlight

"give a new shape" to your "box" (ie Comfort Zone).

I know, it can be quite hard to step out of our comfort zone (although I believe it is a fabulous way for learning) and I also know that we, scrappers, are eager to play challenges (and win, eventually) but we also like that we can actually use the Layout we made for a challenge, in a scrapbook that we print out or in a frame to offer to someone.

So I decided to NOT take you out of your comfort zone, I just like you to try to incorporate new things in your comfort zone, your way.

I would like you to use unusual shape and for that, I made a little pack to get you started

you can use these shapes (or create others) as element /mask (easy path), -> and clip your photo on a shape (and blend - that is why some shapes are textured...)

you can use them as background (they are in 6x8" - standard Art journaling shape in the Mixed media world)

you can even use them as background of digital Layout and print them for a little Hybrid Tag ...

My Inspiration on this challenge came from a Xmas card I received back in Dec 2012. as part of the Oscraps Xmas card exchange. I found it wonderful, and it is still (in April) in my corridor... Love the global look, and love that it came in an "unusual" shape, just like a tag or a label

 Audrey (AkA Snowdropz) sent me this card - thanks you again sweetie
credit Audrey using valCdesigns and AnnaAspnes product, available at Oscraps Only)

I thought the shape was a key to open new creative doors. With this set , you can use all your "go to" elements, technique, trick and tips ... just get a new-to-you shape involved!

I hope it inspire you as much as it did for me..

Ok to make it clear,

For this challenge, you need to complete a Layout (or more - read further) incorporating an untraditional shape (from my shape pack, or create one)
Your layout can (of course) have a photo, but it is not mandatory, it is just up to you
and must have more than 60% of ValC designs product and 100% oscraps designer

please post your Layout in BOTH
Designer spotlight gallery
ValC designs gallery

Easy?... I think it is not hard, at least and you just have to

 a reminder of what is up to WIN with the challenge here

1st -> Two 5$ CG will be assigned to randomly picked participants. -each layout will count as 1 entry for the challenge drawing (and remember to link us back to your LO in the gallery)

If you decide to go all the way from a card to Hybrid (Like in My Xmas card), please post your digi LO and your Hybrid card/tag or whatever, they both will count as an entry.

Do no post 2 layouts within the same message, as all messages are potential entries for the raffle game (look here in the Intro thread), it is better to post 1 LO per message - just sayin'

2nd -> it will be a 10$ GC for the one who was the most inspired, ... who really did incorporate a new shape in his/her comfort zone and did the biggest number of Layouts during the spotlight.

And finally->I will choose my Favorite Layout, and the winning LO will bring you 20$ GC.

please join the fun, comment, share with us and play!
and here my page

 photo ValCDesigns_ArtBookShaped_Shape6x8TexturedOldChelseaDaniele600_zpsddc24d2c.jpg
ArtBookShaped ART Book - Expression Of The Soul by ValC Designs at oscraps ,
Photo  ChelseaDaniele

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