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Studio Dawn “We Challenge You” #22
Feb 7 – Feb 13

Getting into the valentine spirit yet??

And the prizes are Funtastic!!! gift Certificates to Dawn’s store. {yessery} free schtuff

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Challenge #21 winner of gift certificate is……….
#24 readingfool
be sure to check your PM for gift certificate
thanks everyone for playing along– they were all fabulous

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OK with out further-a-do here are this week’s instructions:

1. must have FUN!!! {see it’s easy}

2. 100% of your layout from Dawn’s store– yes the archive attic is included.

3. Make a layout using everything in the provided link preview below–
more free schtuff from Dawn-

4. Use the template provided below Have fun

You have till next Fri. evening 10 p.m. CST {Feb 13} to finish your layout.

Post your finished layout in Dawn’s gallery and link us up here.
{yes, to be qualified you must put the layout here.}

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Here's what I do (correct or not, it usually works for me LOL - I use Firefox):
1. Post your layout in the Studio Dawn Inskip Gallery Upload image and at this point, don't add anything in the photo description box - and submit.
Once it's in the gallery, immediately choose edit under User Options and put all your credits in there (we need to know what you used). You can hyperlink and this will accept all punctuation as well.
2. In Weekly Challenge thread (ie here - for this week) click insert image button and choose to either upload your layout from your PC or Photobucket/etc (I always go the Photobucket route!). Then hover over your insert text/image, and add your gallery link.
Basically, we need to see your image and a gallery link here in the challenge threads.
I've probably made it sound more difficult than it is, so hope that all makes sense.

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ONE lucky winner will receive a $5.00 gift certificate
to Dawn’s store.
participant’s post number is put into a bowl and drawn by a 5 yr. old. Everyone has a chance.

Here is your freebie for this week
Click on the format you use

Here is mine, I used Dawn’s New Light and Shade Love Ya Collection & Love Bytes Collection

 photo dinsk_challenge22_PSD. adwriter_zpsgbxu5kf7.jpg
Love Bytes Collection
by Studio Dawn Inskip​
at Scrapbookgraphics​
Photo adwriter

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